Urgent! I sent my bitcoins from one wallet to another wallet. But the receiving wallet still display 0 in balance

1 month ago 14

I have sent some bitcoins from bitcoin.com to the crypto app wallet, yesterday. But, the app still shows 0 bitcoin balance. I checked the receiving address on the block explorer and it showed that the transitions were successful. Today, I checked again. It strangely shows that the bitcoins send to an unknown address. So, could anyone please help to understand what's going on? Can I get my bitcoins back?

enter image description here

As you can see, 18deMYeiAe45x3fqbzhN15vafPNuSRYaCM was the sending address and 35qerZ6FLCshwCLwqv8JzgoLr9YDfCMquh was the receiving message. But there is another transaction which I have no idea about. Why does my bitcoin fund sent to an unknown address?

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